martedì 15 aprile 2008

emotional rescue

By Richard R. Carlton (Ada, MI United States)

Emotional Rescue was originally released June 24, 1980, it went to #1 in both the UK & US. The album includes the single hits Emotional Rescue and She's So Cold. Most people know the music, so in my reviews I try to give you data on the sessions and interesting facts connected with the songs and the album. Here we go:

Interesting notes include:
.....the vinyl album was released with a large color poster of images taken of the Band with a thermographic camera that imaged the body heat instead of light.....a video was also done with thermographic cameras
.....the tracks on the album were recorded while Keith started his band The New Barbarians to fulfill his drug conviction sentence in Toronto by playing a benefit for the blind, which he did with Ron Wood and the rest of the Stones, and then did a tour (which made no money because the drug expenses were so high)....John Belushi was with the Band for most of the tour
.....Band members Ronnie Wood, Mick Taylor, and Ian McLagan all released albums (with accusations that their best work had gone into their solo efforts)

The sessions for Emotional Rescue were very productive with many unreleased songs. They started in Nassau and continued in Paris with overdub and final mixing at Electric Lady Studios in NYC during Nov & Dec of 1979 and in April 1980.
Jan 18 - Feb 12, 1979 at Compass Point Studios in Nassau
.....She's So Cold
.....All About You
Jun 10 - Aug 25 & Sep 12 - Oct 19, 1979 at Pathe Marconi/EMI Studios in Paris
.....Summer Romance
.....Send It To Me
.....Let Me Go
.....Indian Girl
.....Where The Boys Go
.....Down In The Hole
.....Emotional Rescue

Also recorded during the Emotional Rescue sessions were:
.....Little T & A (released on Tattoo You)
.....Hang Fire (released on Tattoo You)
.....Worried About You (released on Tattoo You)
.....If I Was A Dancer (Dance, Pt. 2) (released as a 12" single)
.....Black Limousine (released on Tattoo You)
.....No Use In Crying (released on Tattoo You)

Tracks from these sessions that were never released included Gangster's Moll, I'll Let You Know, Linda Lu, Lonely At the Top, It Won't Be Long, Still In Love, Sweet Home Chicago, What's The Matter, You're So Beautiful (But You Gotta Die Someday), Break Away, and Sands Of Time.

This information comes from "It's Only Rock And Roll: The Ultimate Guide To The Rolling Stones" by Karnbach and Bernson and from my own collection, with some of the notes from Davis' "Old Gods Almost Dead." Both books are available from